Coffee machine: How to choose it!

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We can no longer do without it: but what should we pay attention to when choosing a coffee machine?

At home, we can no longer do without it. The coffee machine must be chosen with care, as it is a device that will allow us to give ourselves a moment of pause, an after lunch and a tasty and typically breakfast. But how to choose the best espresso machine for us? What models should our purchase be directed towards? Let’s see it now!

Capsule espresso machine

The capsule espresso machine is one of the most popular choices. The success of this type of coffee preparation is due to the aroma, the cream and the taste that is obtained using the single-dose capsules.

For those who love good coffee, with a taste very similar to that of the bar, buying a machine of this type is the best choice.

Among the most appreciated are Nespresso, Lavazza A modo Mio and De Longhi. On the market, there is a wide choice of models, in various sizes, from the most compact for those who do not have much space to the most equipped.

If the cost of the capsules frightens you, you don’t have to worry: you can buy those compatible with the most famous brands, available at affordable prices both on the web and in supermarkets. Moreover, very often the official brands activate promotions with interesting discounts.

Espresso machine with pods and ground

Although the success of the capsule system machines is large and does not hint at a decrease, the “traditional” machines that use the ground or paper pods have not disappeared from the market, indeed.

To meet the various needs of consumers, there are espresso coffee machines that combine these two methods and which, by changing only the adapter, can make an excellent coffee both with the traditional ground coffee and with paper pods.

These are very versatile models, which can also prepare cappuccinos thanks to the special spout for steam, herbal teas, tea and infusions.

Compared to the capsules, the pods and the ground cost much less and can be found everywhere. It is therefore an ideal choice for those who want to play it safe.

Finally, let me point out that there are also machines equipped with coffee grinders in grains, which pulverize the moment and give you an aroma that is difficult to replicate with other systems.

Coffee machines with grain milling

They are the ones I personally prefer the most. Their cost is decidedly higher than the previous models, but it is easily amortized within a few months (depending on the consumption of coffee in the family) thanks to the savings due to the purchase of ground coffee or beans, much cheaper than buying of pods or capsules.

I also find it an eco-sustainable choice because, for the preparation of coffee, the grain machine does not produce waste that is not natural: only coffee grounds that can be thrown in organic waste or be recycled to create an excellent soil for the garden or vegetable garden.

Coffee machine: What to pay attention to?

After choosing the system (capsules, pods, ground coffee, beans) you need to pay attention to some features, which make the difference between one model and another. Here is a list:

Energy consumption: Since it is a device that is used very often, attention must be paid to energy consumption. Among the elements to consider we find the amount of time used to reach the ideal water temperature, the energy class and the possibility of automatic shutdown in case of non-use.

Presence of cappuccino: If you love cappuccino, latte macchiato and white milk with foam like in a bar, you can’t do without the steam nozzle.

Pods and compatibility cost: Before buying the machine, make an account of the average cost of each pod and check for the presence of pods compatible with the model you wish to purchase.

Cleaning: To make the appliance more hygienic and faster, the models with removable drawer or removable grill are preferable. Furthermore, it is always advisable to prefer a machine that has a removable water compartment. In this way, cleaning it will be child’s play.

Easy maintenance: The electric coffee machines are very comfortable and save you a lot of time. Keep in mind, however, that they periodically require maintenance by industry professionals. Before choosing the model that best suits your needs, make sure that the machine is easy to clean because, periodically, you may have to carry out small maintenance activities to save on support costs (which are very high).

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