Benefits of Having A Screened in Porch

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According to BNW Builders, a front porch or back porch is one of the most popular home improvement projects that homeowners choose to mount on an annual basis. And why not, a porch offers additional living space that extends to the outdoors, perfect for those beautiful sunny days without a cloud in the sky and a cool breeze wafting by.

But there is a feature that those same homeowners debate adding to their porch, a mesh screen surrounding that extension of the home. There are plenty of benefits to having a screened in porch versus one that doesn’t have that mesh to serve a multitude of useful purposes. You may be considering the installation of a screened in porch but you’re not quite convinced yet. So, let’s review the many benefits that come with this type of addition to the home.

Protection from The Outdoors

Mesh screen is ideal for keeping all types of critters from getting near you and your home whether you are spending time on the porch or not. This includes the obvious things, like flies and mosquitoes that are intent on biting and buzzing around you while you’re just trying to relax. Nothing can get you back indoors faster than too many bugs near you and your family.

But there are other forms of wildlife who may be curious about your new porch and a screen can prevent them from getting in as well. Creatures big and small from squirrels to raccoons are going to have a much tougher time getting on your porch if there is a screen.

Increased Privacy

There are many different grades of mesh available and the one you choose can actually improve the privacy of your porch. Don’t expect to have complete and total privacy out there, after all it’s still mesh screen, but you can prevent passersby from seeing inside your porch as they walk by. Some grades of mesh still allow for you to see out from inside the porch while making it tougher for strangers and others to see in.

It’s true that anyone who really wanted to look in on your porch could do so, but they would have to position themselves in front of the porch and stare through the mesh to make out any specific shapes or faces. If that happens you can take action by calling the police or confronting that individual and asking them to move along.

A Use for All Seasons

A screened in porch is a place that you can use all year round. The winter months may be a little chilly but with a thick jacket or coat you could easily enjoy some outdoor time on your porch without the need to shovel snow or sit in icy conditions. That’s because the screen mesh will keep all the snow off your porch while also cutting down on the severity of chilly wind gusts that may try to blow in.

During the summer months, the mesh screen can offer shade and help to reduce the temperature just a bit and keep you and your family from melting under direct sunlight.

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