Are all types of Menswear fashionable?

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Men’s common wear and enduring workwear tends to lean towards designs that are not only easy to wear, but also functional and useful for purpose. Considering what they get put through it’s really not much of a surprise that they are. Can the look everyday be complete without something like Calvin Klein Menswear? Well, we think there is always a place for some Calvin Klein in every man’s wardrobe and a visit to EJ Menswear will soon sort that out for you. Back to workwear.

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Fabrics are typically matte, with common options of dark denims, thick wool and waxed cotton for pieces that are not show-off or flashy. The design ethic is that they will weather the time test instead and take on a character of their own over the years.

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Chambray is a modern, lighter-weight alternative to denim and is becoming a modern must-have piece. For a timeless look, the suggestion is that  matching dark chinos with a pair of loafers is a suitable look.

Since menswear has a comfort and function licence, workwear should literally go easy on the fit – just like the pants of a fisherman are actually cut extra large to allow turning up when entering and leaving the water, ensuring that the workwear range is practical and fit for the task in hand.

It is appropriate to approach colour with care and caution. Traditionally, neutral tones such as brown, navy and black have erred on the side of workwear. Mixing it up with a splash of colour, though, helps split this monotonous palette apart. The everyday is certainly a fashionable way.

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