Alyson Hannigan Net Worth, Biography, Career and Awards

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Alyson Lee Hannigan (Washington, March 24, 1974) is an American actress. The actress is married to actor Alexis Denisof with whom she has a daughter named Satyana Marie Denisof, who has a birthday on the same day as Alyson, and another daughter named Keeva Jane Denisof, who was born on May 23, 2012. In this article, we will present Alyson Hannigan’s net worth, biography, career and awards.

As Willow Rosenberg of Buffy, the eccentric Michelle Flaherty in the films of the American Pie saga, Trina Echolls in Veronica Mars and Lily Aldrin in the sitcom How I Met Your Mother.

Date and Place of Birth: Alyson was born on March 24, 1974, in the US capital, Washington DC. At the time, her parents worked as photographers … so, it can be said that the girl was born on camera. She was destined to shine!

Alyson Hannigan personal life

Alyson, who plays the sweet and sweet Willow from the series “Buffy, had a very extravagant boyfriend and quite the opposite of what her character would want: the rocker drummer Marilyn Manson, Ginger Fish. But the nice (?) Couple broke up and Alyson started dating her companion on the show Alexis Denisof, with whom she continues today.

alyson hannigan net worth

Some curiosities

This beautiful redhead, a fan of the movie “Toy Story”, has the nickname Allycat and is 1.68m tall. In addition, the actress has some tattoos: tribal dolphins on her ankle and a kanji (Japanese symbol) symbolizing “luck” and “happiness” on her back. When she was younger, Alyson was a soccer player, but she got hurt in her early teens and had to abandon the favorite sport of Brazilians! At this time, when I was in the gym, she played the clarinet. And, taking advantage of what I’m talking about school: the actress graduated from North Hollywood High School in 1992!

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And when she is not busy recording, she enjoys riding a bike, fighting kickboxing, surfing the internet and playing with her dogs and cats. She also has a habit of finding space in her busy schedule to write and call her fans who text her. In addition, the actress is always in the chat on the official website of “Buffy”, typing with the Internet users! Alyson also takes advantage of her few days when she doesn’t have to record attending science fiction conventions and charity events, so she can promote her series and interact with her growing legion of fans…

The girl’s parents divorced when she was just 2 years old and she moved with her mother to Atlanta, the city where Alyson started her career! The actress’s mother works as a realtor in Atlanta, and her father is a trucker in Missouri.

Alyson Hannigan net worth

Alyson Hannigan is, alongside actresses Tangi Miller and Holly Marie Combs, spokesperson for the fight against breast cancer. In May 2000, the trio appeared in a 4-page campaign to raise awareness about the disease. According to Forbes and her statement, Alyson Hannigan’s net worth is about 40 million dollars. This campaign was published in major magazines: Vogue, Glamor, Self, Mademoiselle and Women \’s Sports and Fitness! Very nice gesture …


Allycat started her career at the tender age of 4! She started doing several commercials, such as McDonald \’s cafeteria chain, Oreo cookies, Six Flags amusement park and many others.

Seeing that Alyson, then 11, could have some future in the area, the whole family moves to Los Angeles, where the girl would get more opportunities to shine in the cinema or on TV! It didn’t take long and Alyson got her first film role… it was a film starring Dan Aykroyd, who called herself “My Stepmother Is an Alien” (1988). In this film, Alyson’s character had a little boyfriend who was played by Seth Green. Interestingly, the two would return to form a couple, more than a decade later … this time, in the series “Buffy”.

After getting some exposure to her debut work, it was thought that Alyson Hannigan’s career would take off, which did not happen. The actress only got a job in the series “Free Spirit” (1989) and in some films made for TV. During these works, the actress managed to make some cameos in other series, such as “Roseanne”; “Almost Home” and “Touched by an Angel”… but nothing special that would make it known.

Alyson’s career was not very good, but the actress did not fail. She remained positive during these difficult times: – “Just don’t let that (the tests and rejections) discourage you.” – She said about the difficulties that many young actors face and that she faced for many years. And it was with this hope and determination that she battled and got the role of Willow in “Buffy – The Vampire Slayer”, a series that started in 1997 and starred Sarah Michelle Gellar. The series quickly became a worldwide success and made its cast, including Alyson, real stars.

Finally, Allycat was beginning to reap the rewards of almost 20 years of dedication to interpretation! After that, many invitations to the cinema began to appear. Her first film after her success was the black comedy “Seeking Dead” (1998), where her character was not very prominent. Soon after, came the teen comedy “American Pie – The 1st Time Is Unforgettable” (1999). The film was a tremendous success all over the world and was largely responsible for launching new actors. A curiosity about this film: the producers offered Heather to Alyson Hannigan, but the actress asked to play Michelle, as she thought it would be funnier!

The role refused by Hannigan ended up going to Mena Suvari … A curiosity about this film: the producers offered Heather to Alyson Hannigan, but the actress asked to play Michelle, as she thought it would be funnier! The role refused by Hannigan ended up going to Mena Suvari … A curiosity about this film: the producers offered Heather to Alyson Hannigan, but the actress asked to play Michelle, as she thought it would be funnier! The role refused by Hannigan ended up going to Mena Suvari …

After the success of “American Pie”, Alyson made a film for TV in 1999 and then acted in the teen romantic comedy “Amor ou Amizade” (2000), where she acted with Freddie Prinze Jr., Claire Forlani and her ex – “American Pie” companion, Jason Biggs. As everything successful in Hollywood has an almost certain continuation, Alyson’s next work was “American Pie 2 – The 2nd Time is Even Better” (2001)… only this time, the actress’s character had much more prominence in history, showing that she did very well in exchanging Heather for Michelle! After this film, Alyson made “Beyond City Limits” (2001), her last film work so far. In addition to cinema, Alyson also made appearances on the series “Angel”; it appeared in the video clip “You Wanted More” by Tonic; and made a commercial for Mylanta in 1993.

Alyson has been gaining fame, success, recognition and many fans … but what does she expect from the future: Jim Carrey’s salary? Julia Roberts’ status? None of this, the actress explains: – “… you have to go for the good things… world peace, the cure for everything, and a really cool house.”


Alyson has not yet been recognized for the big awards, but she has already has been nominated on some occasions for lesser-known awards… “Young Artist Awards”; “TV Guide Awards” and “Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films in the USA” are the associations that have nominated her for some awards, but she has not won any yet … but her day is sure to come!

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