6 types of sweaters that you cannot miss this season

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The temperature keeps dropping and that only means one thing: winter is here. And to the cold season, your wardrobe responds practically instantly. We put away the sandals and shorts, to make way for boots, coats, and, of course, sweaters.

This last garment, in addition to being the coziest, is perhaps the most versatile of the season. With it, you can get an extremely cool, effortless, elegant, or street look. The key will be in the type of sweater you choose and how you combine it.

The thing is like this: we can assure you that on more than one occasion you have seen enviable street style looks with this garment as the protagonist and, however, when you tried it at home you ended up looking like your grandmother. Because yes, both to choose them and to wear them, you have to have mastery. So… let’s get down to business. How to wear a sweater this season? Because yes, if you mastered the art of wearing them last season, we have news: things have changed. The good news is that it is not something from another world, all you will have to do to look like a street style star is to follow this quick guide. Take note.

Graphic sweater

The closest you will get to an ‘ ugly Christmas sweater ‘ will be this. You want to have at least one patterned version in your wardrobe, which will be perfect for achieving the boldest combinations. You can wear it in a mix & match pattern, contrast it with color accents, or mix it with jeans for the most effortless look.

Vibrant color sweater

Either in neon, primary, or any color that works as an accent. The premise will be to make this garment a statement, which is the protagonist of your look amid neutral colors and prints.

Sweater with applications and details

The greatest advantage of knitwear is that they are the perfect garments to look for textural contrasts. The most daring can look for pieces with feathers, sequins, or other applications that elevate the sweater to a new level.

Multifunctional sweater

The search for multifunctional garments continues to be one of the strongest trends in the world of fashion. A sweater that is also a scarf? Yes, please!

Pullover with XL sleeves

Who said knitwear was boring in shape? Look for pieces with ruffles, ruffles, gathers, and volumes, any garment is an excuse to have a little fun.

Sweater Turtleneck

Yes, but we are not talking about the typical turtle neck. The sweater of the season is oversized and with a high neck that is anything but boring. You’ll want to go for volume, volume, and more volume.

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