5 Common Signs That It’s Time to Call an HVAC Company

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Before the hot weather gets too intense, it’s usually a smart idea to spend some time maintaining your AC unit. Even if everything seems totally fine, it’s better to make sure you’re keeping your machine in good condition rather than simply waiting for it to break down one summer. Whether you’re aware of the latest air conditioning tips or are fully in the dark, it usually pays to pay attention to any signs of premature wear and tear before things get too bad. To avoid having to call in a service for air conditioning repair Independence, here are some things to be aware of.

1. Your AC is Making Noises

Of course, your AC unit is going to make some noise, that’s completely normal. However, if you’re hearing loud banging, hissing, or high-pitched wailing coming from your machine, it’s a good sign that something’s seriously off. To avoid making the problem worse, switch off your unit and call an HVAC service immediately to get the problem checked out. It could be something fairly harmless, such as a loose screw or a dented fan, but it could also be a warning sign of worse things to come. Don’t put off calling your repair person until the last minute.

2. High Bills

You know there’s something wrong when your monthly bill keeps skyrocketing without any clear reason. Sure, during the summer months we tend to keep the AC running much more than usual, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look at those high electricity bills with a bit of suspicion, especially if they’re really high. If you don’t think you should be paying that much per month, don’t assume it’s the electric company’s fault. Call someone to check out your AC and make sure it’s not sucking up a ton of energy with each use.

3. Strange Smells

If you’re starting to notice a funky smell coming from your unit, it’s probably not a good sign. If there’s standing water in your machine or if there’s a lot of debris that’s making it hard for the unit to work properly, it could lead to a serious gunking-up of your machine. This won’t just cause your unit to smell unpleasant, it will also lead to poor performance and, as a result, higher bills.

4. Dripping

Some dripping is normal with AC units, but you shouldn’t be coming home to a flood every night. If you’re noticing consistent dripping and water that’s brown or cloudy, you’ll want to get the problem checked out immediately. Even if it’s not a huge problem, it’s definitely something that could lead to bigger, more costly issues down the line if left unchecked.

5. It’s Been Too Long Between Check-Ups

If you’ve had your AC for a long time but haven’t had it serviced in some time, you might want to call someone just to make sure everything is working properly. It’s much easier, and less expensive, to prevent a problem rather than fix an existing one. Before the summer hits, call your AC repair professional and schedule a maintenance check-up.

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